Joshua Tree Clean Up

Joshua Tree is an amazing place located in the desert of Southern California.  It is home to many amazing desert creatures such as this Horned Toad Lizard.  Although the desert may look rough and tough, it is actually quite fragile.  I was happy to clean up all the debris and trash I could to help the critters of this beautiful place.  Please always remember when camping and hiking to leave nature cleaner than you found it.  If we each do this it will make a huge difference!

Say Hello to Pip Squeak

We are both small..but trying to make a big difference!

So excited to help Sky Hunters raptor rescue this Christmas.  The birds can really use my help.  I've asked my family to help the birds rather than give me gifts this year.  I've been able to sponsor a burrowing owl, a peregrine falcon, and a golden eagle.  Thank you all for your help making this dream come true!!

A sampling of the recent projects Connor has been involved in.

Helping Hawaiian Monk Seals

Connor fell in love with the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals. After learning they face entanglement dangers due to beach debris such as nets and plastic he was on a mission to clean up as much as he could! 


Endangered Monk Seals - Spreading the Word

Dr. Terrie Williams directs the Marine Mammal Physiology Project at UCSC and is doing research to help understand monk seals. After seeing Connors efforts to clean up nets in Kauai she invited him to come meet the monk seal they are studying and have a private tour of their amazing facility! It was an amazing trip that encouraged Connor to continue his Micro-Activist efforts. Connor has been visiting local schools to let other kids know about these endangered creatures and to gain their voice in drawing attention to their plight.   


Beach and Lagoon Cleanup

Connor detests trash on beaches as much as he loves the animals that rely on on these beaches as their home. A favorite day for Connor is to visit a beautiful Beaches or Lagoons and hunt down any trash that may pose a threat to the native wildlife, encouraging others he encounters along the way to do the same.