Cleaning the bottom of local lakes

Here in Southern California we have been experiencing a drought for the past few years.  Trees are dying, lawns are dead, and local ponds and lakes are at the lowest level many people can ever recall.  I've been so sad to see the pond that is near my home transform from a fun place full of fish, frogs and birds to a large muddy puddle with a few struggling turtles.  Don't worry I have a plan to save the turtles should the water level get dangerously low for them :).  

One thing became clear as the water levels dropped, there are decades of accumulated trash hidden under the surface.  Always trying to find the positive in every situation, I set out to clean my local Jack's Pond so it will be all the more healthy when the rains come and the water fills back in.  What I thought would be a quick clean up has turned into quite the project, as each time I would get it all cleaned up....the water level went further down and exposed more work for me! 

It has been quite a project and I have found some of the craziest, socks, a Halloween wig, fishing line, and a watch.  I'm looking forward to winter bringing some rain and filling the pond some, and hopefully the local critters will appreciate a litter free environment.