Catalina Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup Day

Catalina is my happy is where I have met many of my best fishy friends.  This island is only a short distance from mainland California...but it feels like a different world.  I did some of my first scuba dives in Catalina and have always enjoyed how clean and beautiful it is.  When I heard about the Catalina Underwater Clean Up I knew it was something I needed to do to give back to this beautiful place.  

We did lots of prep to get our gear ready but nothing ever goes as planned!  The new custom suit that was supposed to keep my skinny bones warm was delayed so I was forced to layer up with a suit that didn't fit too great.  I didn't let it stop me and we set out for an early morning dive.  The event is run by a super cool group of volunteers that are awesome at keeping everyone safe and making it a fun event.  We found all sorts of trash during our dive...cans, broken glass, small pieces that have fallen off of boats, bottles, and a plate shaped like a fish.  It felt great to clean up the bottom for all the cute octopuses and other critters that call it home.  I'm sure they appreciate it!  Overall it was a great day and it really inspired us to see so many people come together to help protect the island that they love :)