Oceanside Pier Beach Cleanup

What started as my love of ocean critters and desire to keep their home clean....has grown into a movement of inspired kids helping cleanup the beaches and oceans we love sooooo much.  Someone once told me it would be impossible to clean up all the beaches...but I'm a kid and we live for "impossible."  When I did my first MicroActivist kids beach cleanup I was nervous...would any kids show up? Would they have fun! would they be bummed they 'had' to pick up trash?  When the day came, tons of kids showed up and not only did we have fun but we had a blast! Everyone was competing to find the most trash, weirdest trash, and kids were covered head to toe in sand after climbing into tight spots in the rocks to get trash that was long forgotten and hard to reach.  My soul is filled with excitement knowing not only is it possible to clean the beaches but my kids are eager to do it!


Interested in having the MicroActivist do a beach cleanup of your local beach?  Our team is growing everyday and we would love to help! Reach out to us and let us know you are interested and we will see what we can do....remember 'Don't tell a kid something is impossible!" :)