From birth Connor loved the water, it soothed him, drew him in and was always his happy place.  At 10 months the instructor of his swim class said he had never seen a kid so comfortable underwater.  Over the years Connor struggled to fit in with other kids above water and became more and more drawn to the underwater world.  Ocean documentaries were always more desired than cartoons, and he begged for a way to breath underwater.  One trip to visit family in Hawaii lead Connor to see a wild monk seal on an early morning walk down the beach.  In the usual Connor fashion he had to learn all there was to learn about the endangered monk seal.  Learning how these curious creatures are often entangled in discarded fishing nets and leftover beach trash set the five year old on a mission to clean up as many beaches as he could.  Over the years of engaging on his single handed mission to clean up as much as possible, he has had countless other kids notice what he is doing and eagerly join up.  It is absolutely amazing what a group of energetic kids can accomplish in a short amount of time!  These kids willingly volunteer to pick up what others have left, while having a great time...not for a reward or because someone asked them to...but because it is the right thing to do and they love nature and all its creatures.  What started as one little boys mission to save endangered monk seals has grown into a movement of kids determined to change the fate of the oceans.

I am absolutely thrilled with the enthusiasm that you have for saving Hawaiian monk seals. It really gives me hope for the species.
We’ll save those monk seals yet!
— Dr. Terrie Williams, Director of Marine Mammal Physiology Project at UCSC

A few achievements worthy of far.

  • In March 2017 Connor organized his first all kids 'MicroActivist Team' beach clean up and it was a huge success.  The kids did a massive beach clean up and all left inspired to do more!
  • In 2017 Connor  went to 1000 ft in a submarine off of Curacao (South America) and was able to participate in ongoing shark research.
  • Organized a cleanup of his local pond removing huge amounts of debris.
  • Obtained Padi Jr. Open Water Scuba Certification
  • Participated in Dana Point Underwater Harbor Cleanup
  • Providing ongoing aid and awareness to the Hawaiian Monk seal rescue effort. 
  • Currently sponsoring a Peregrine falcon, Burrowing Owl,  and Great horned owl through Sky Hunters Raptor Rehabilitation program.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific has awarded Connor with the "Youth Hero of the Year Award' and will present it to him in April 2017 for his ongoing efforts at ocean conservation.
  • Participated in numerous beach & underwater harbor cleanup operations. 
  • A proud member of the Blue Marble partnership.
  • Active participant in local lagoon cleanup operations.
  • Rescued a cute little baby Raven, and named him Squawk.
  • Ongoing classroom presentations to fellow charter school students throughout the local school districts.
  • Establishing numerous recycling programs.