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Beach Cleanups

Our beach cleanups remove trash from the beach...but they also make kids fall in love with the ocean and become ocean warriors forever!  We strive to make each cleanup a unique and fun experience where we not only clean the entire beach (as only a group of energetic kids can) but we create an ocean experience the kids will never forget, with the goal of showing the kids why it is so important to remove and reduce trash in the ocean.  Kids leave our cleanups loving the ocean and wanting to do everything they can to save it!

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Examples of MicroActivist Beach Cleanup Days include:

  • Weekend beach cleanup/camping trip with campfire talks about ways to reduce plastic
  • Beach cleanup followed by swimming with leopard sharks
  • Catalina Island harbor cleanup followed by snorkeling
  • Harbor cleanup via kayaks to reach trash that is otherwise inaccessible..with a paddle near the local sea lion hangout
  • Beach cleanup and tide pooling with local marine biologist
  • Beach cleanup where children on the autism spectrum are paired with youth mentors, followed by an adaptive surf lesson

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