Like all Campaigns, The balloons blow campaign has an associated micro-film. While having a broad appeal to all audiences, these crafted short films are tailored to be exceptionally appealing to young viewers. Crafted by a kid to to uniquely speak to kids in the language of modern youth, these microfilms offer young viewers an exciting and compelling window into the ocean world of wonders.

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Movie Time

These 8 to 10 minute films are distributed to our network of school classrooms and educational outlets. 

This film includes the following supplemental educational materials:

  • Pre-reading activities worksheet
  • Discussion guide
  • Discussion questions
  • Post-reading activities
  • Teachers guide to ELA Common Core integration
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TV Series

Three micro-films combine to make a standard length TV episode.  As the MicroActivist movement expands into this popular kids medium, this films is pre-formatted to slot within a standard half hour episide.

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Like all Micro-Films, this movie can be viewed normally but also incorporates VR Sequences that when viewed through on media outlets like youtube or facebook offer differing levels of immersion over the course of the movie

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