The Balloons Blow Storybook

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The Chase is On!

This highly energetic and artfully illustrated children's book will be presented as both a traditional hard bound book, but also as a highly engaging interactive digital story. The interactive storybook has proven a popular medium for kids that continues to rapidly expand. The book aims to demonstrate to children through a charming and fun to digest story the dangers of releasing balloons as demonstrated by seeing first hand through humorous but occasionally harrowing encounters between endearing ocean animals and balloons.

Story Overview:
With his pigeon pal Lucky at his side and his trusty sperm whale under his
legs, Connor leads his all animal ocean crew of doo-gooders on an all out
quest to chase down and recover a large mass balloons, heedlessly released
by a shortsighted group of wedding goers.
Joined early in the adventure by a pod of highly helpful spinner dolphins,
Connor and his companions encounter and rescue a diverse array of
irresistibly charming ocean creatures unlucky enough to have run-ins with
the enchantingly deadly balloons.
The story ends on a happy note with a newly formed unified team of ocean
defenders united in their oath to defend against all things that threaten
harm against the ocean. This call to action echoes out to the young reader,
encouraging them to answer the call to ally with our league of defenders in
protecting our ocean and all it's wondrous creatures within.

Book Cover:
Connor, donning his trademark red wetsuit and a futuristic shallow water
diving getup is breaching the oceans surface saddled atop his trusty sperm
whale in pursuit of a hoard of balloons just ahead of them floating low
over the ocean and further out to sea. Ballooning spear in hand, Connor is
motioning the universal signal to charge to a pod of spinner dolphins who
are accompanying in the chase.

Style: Detailed and expressive Cartoon style with a strong emphasis on
facial expressions and dynamic poses

---Style Example---
The below sample artwork is from Simona Ceccarelli, the award winning illustrator who has graciously offered to create the cover art for our storybook

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