Part book, part Movement

This is the first in a fresh new series of MicroActivist books aimed squarely at educating and inspiring children to fall in love with our Ocean and add their voice in the rapidly rising chorus to protect it.

Each book is an episode in a series that casts light on many of the core issues plaguing our ocean and it's community. Each episode not only enlightens its young readers on an important Ocean issue, it's also a call to action to do something about it, complete with an action plan at the conclusion of every book.    


Story Overview

With his pigeon pal Lucky at his side and his trusty whale under his legs, Connor leads his all animal ocean crew of doo-gooders
on an all out quest to chase down and recover a large mass of balloons, heedlessly released by a shortsighted group of wedding goers.
Joined early in the adventure by a pod of highly helpful spinner dolphins, Connor and his companions encounter and rescue a diverse
array of irresistibly charming ocean creatures unlucky enough to have run-ins with the enchantingly deadly balloons.
The story ends on a happy note with a newly formed unified team of ocean defenders united in their oath to defend
against all things that threaten harm against the ocean.

This call to action echoes out to the young reader,
encouraging them to answer the call to ally with our
league of defenders in protecting our ocean and
all it's wondrous creatures within.

Connor figure study a.jpg

Meet Connor

Connor is the peter pan of the ocean. The ever ADVENTUROUS ocean Defender every kid longs to become. A purely innocent soul With an indescribably deep love for all ocean life. connors world exists within the perpetual frontlines between the topside world and his world below.

Both a BEFRIENDING passionate ambassador and a competent warrior for his ocean companions, connor never backs down when he senses his friends are under threat, matching wits with and often turning  all who seek harm to the ocean into new allies, or chum.          

When Worlds Collide

Though Connor's reality within these books is obviously fictional, The issues addressed within each episode are very real, as are many of the inventions and methods Connor employs in his struggles to protect the Ocean. Much to the glee of Connor's young following, most of Connor's gadgets are based on real world counterparts he actually employs during his critter rescue and reporting excursions.

Connor figure study b.jpg

Special Ability

Connor has the special gift that he alone can understand what the animals
are saying... kind of a Dr. Doolittle thang, only the animals don't talk in
sentences, he simply interprets and converses with them with the reader
only privy to one side of the conversation. This allows for some humorous
scenarios along with providing an avenue to reach through to the parents and
older readers with a 2nd layer of adult centered humor the younger kids are
unlikely to pick up on. (Diary of a wimpy kid is a good example of this
dual layer humor)



DSC04447 sm.jpg

Connor's Self Propelled Sub-wing

Self propelled subwing (Always strapped to the side of his whale) performs a variety of functions including camera stabilizer, carry-all, and rapid underwater transport vehicle.


Shallow Water Scuba Dive System

Shallow underwater scuba dive system (The illustrated version of Connors
scuba rig is similar to his real world rig show here but is an ultra
modernized slimmed down minimalist version that includes a small back tank
and ultra high tech open face diving helmet that keeps our young heroes
face and his endearing expressions entirely visible to the reader.

connor balloon spear.png

Leg Mounted Telescopic Utility Spear

This spear telescopically extends within milliseconds from the center out in both directions to become fully extended as shown. Connor uses it to stab balloons and trash, but its interchangeable tips make it quite handy for lots of things.

Lucky the pigeon 04.jpg

Meet Lucky the Pigeon

Connor rescued this pigeon who was ensnared in a bundle of balloons. He's trained lucky to pop AIRBORNE balloons.    
Lucky's over-anxious desire to greet Connor becomes a detriment, like when Connor surfaces  and the bird immediately  perches and plugs his snorkel tube before the boy can inhale. Out of survival, Connor spews a plume of water just prior to sucking in air as an attempt to hold off his overenthusiastic lovesick flyer. 

Pigeon Points of Interest

  • Kind of a Non-Verbal kooing version of Mr. Magoo... Clumsy beyond belief yet kept safe due almost entirely to his ongoing good luck streak.
  • Hates getting wet so takes to the air any time Connor takes to the water. He's a rescued homing pigeon though so has the uncanny ability to track Connor wherever he is underwater, immediately dive bombing his favorite human the moment he surfaces. 
  • Team members boating on the surface often rely on the bird as a means to track Connors position when he's underwater
171116_MICROACTIVIST_COVER_FINAL Whale Profile 01 SM.jpg

Meet KaKaw the Whale

This is the name the whale gave himself (unsubstantiated rumors suggest the whale chose this name as it's the sound made when he rams whaling ships)

Quick to action and devoid of fear, this whale is both Connors ride and muscle

simona profile.jpg
After searching high and low, Simona’s character designs were simply unmatched
— Shawn Berryhill (Connors Dad)

When we set out to create the ultimate children's book series, we knew excellent character design and deeply rich and lively scenes were critical to capturing these kids and drawing them into Connor's world.
As such, a great illustrator simply wasn't enough. We needed an artist who really stood out from the pack, who's artwork reached off the page and grabbed our young readers by their hearts and creative minds.
To catch the flighty eyes of our young readers within a sea of colossally colorful competing kids books on the shelf, we needed artwork that was impossible to ignore.
After searching high and low, Simona's character designs were simply unmatched. Simona isn't one of the best character illustrators we uncovered through extensive searching,
she is without a doubt the absolute best character illustrator we could possibly find.  

Much to our astonishment, when we reached out to her, Simona Ceccarelli was not only receptive to the job but she was thoroughly impressed by Connor's environmental work. Being a fellow Ocean lover and diver, she offered to create the book cover free of charge.
Simona is the perfect fit to illustrate this book and its series and we're on cloud 9 to have her aboard. The chemistry between Simona simply clicks, and we're already working together like age old partners in design!  

In addition to being the worlds best character illustrator, Simona is also a devoted mom, seasoned scientist, and world traveler. She currently holds the position of Art Director at F. Hoffmann–La Roche Ltd.

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