An uplifting educational journey for the young and young at heart

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I love the ocean and have set out on a mission to protect it, and all it's glorious critters! This book is written to get kids inspired about all things ocean..and who better to write it than a kid? This is the book your favorite kid will tell you got them off their butt and rolling up their sleeves to help save our ocean. In this first white knuckle episode, we tell a clever, funny, and thrilling story about an evil threat, that poses a huge danger to many of our oceans critters...Balloons! .... But more on that later.

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"OK, kid! There are LOTS of books for youngsters about protecting our planet, so why does the world need another one?"

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"OK! A "save our ocean" book by a kid for kids. I suppose it makes sense. So tell me about the story!"


With his pigeon pal Lucky at his side and his trusty whale steed beneath him, Connor and his lil' sis Mazi lead his all animal ocean crew on an all out quest to chase down and recover a large mass of balloons, heedlessly released by a shortsighted group of wedding-goers. Joined early in the adventure by a pod of helpful spinner dolphins, Connor and his companions encounter and rescue a diverse array of irresistibly charming ocean creatures who were unlucky enough to have run-ins with the deadly balloons. The story ends on a happy note with a newly formed team of ocean defenders united in their oath to shield against all things that threaten harm against the ocean. This call to action echoes out to the young reader, encouraging and showing them how to protect our ocean and all it's wondrous creatures within.


"Wow, that sounds amazing! Tell me more about this fascinating world and the characters we can expect to meet!"


 "So who in the heck are you kid, and why do you care so much about what happens to the ocean!?"

So you want to know why I care so much about the ocean, huh? Well it's told best by this short video...


"You have one heck of a great story there kid! Speaking of stories, who makes them up... You?

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My sis and I do indeed craft the amazing storytelling part, which leaves my Dad to pitch in on the final writing and layout and other parts of it, Then Mom pitches in to spread the word.

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When we set out to create the ultimate children’s book series, we needed artwork that reached off the page, grabbed our young readers by their imagination, and dragged them giggling into my ocean world. A great illustrator just wouldn’t cut it. Simona Ceccarelli isn’t just one of the best character illustrators we could find...she’s nothing but the absolute best! We reached out, and were shocked to learn Simona was a fellow ocean lover and scuba diver, and really into our foundations environmental work. She has been a huge asset to our team and is the perfect person to bring the pages of this book to life.
— Shawn Berryhill (Connor's Dad)
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Our inspirational and educational MicroActivist messages and micro-movies have already reached tons of kids and grown-ups. This will be the first book in our MicroActivist Series, with good folks like you and your kids and grandkids joining with us to spread the word. It's your own voice that's going to take this new kids' series to the next level, spreading the mega-important ocean messages stored within these pages to kids everywhere!

So what are you waiting for, get in there and buy a book or two for your favorite youngster already!