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Classroom Outreach

Bringing the Ocean to the Kids

Kids are naturally drawn to the ocean, and when they experience it they fall in love with it.  Kids will protect what they love, and kids grow into adults who will protect their ocean.  

We have developed a full science curriculum module that is not only easy to use for educators, but kids love it, which makes learning fun and effortless.  We decided to take a different approach to developing a curriculum and brought together a team of both educators and video game designers.  This allowed us to develop a module that meets the educational goals we set, while building in interactive and fun components that make learning more akin to playing...and hence a lot more fun!

These educational modules are great for classrooms, homeschool curriculum, scout groups, etc.

School / Event Presentations

We have a variety of presentations, Skype lessons and interactive activities available based on your location and age range.

For more information on our educational modules please contact us and provide the age range of your target group.

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