Micro Movies

Kids love movies….but a lot of kids think documentaries are boring. We asked the kids we work with every day: What would they like to see, and are they even interested in ocean critters and the undersea world?" Their answer was a resounding YES, we would love to watch more programs on the ocean and its critters. But we are used to faster-paced shows, and shows with kids our age in them.

We set out with a group of MicroActivist Team kids and are making Micro-Movies that show the sheer wonder of the underwater world, in a format kids love!


An Alien Among Us

Octopus are one of the most amazing and mysterious creatures on earth. I set out to figure out if the alien octopus has feelings and if it can in fact love...Watch as I scuba dive into the octopus's liar to find out for myself. 

Check out all the behind the scenes fun and learn more about the amazing octopus on my FAQ page.

DEATH From Above

An uneventful birthday party gives way to an exhilarating open-water balloon chase. Me and the MicroActivist crew risk it all in an effort to save our ocean's most endearing creatures from the evils of balloons!

The Grunion Run

The remarkable yet elusive grunion fish fights to bring its next generation into the world. This charming video tells you all you'll need to know to view this amazing phenomenon yourself. For the full scoop, visit our grunion FAQ page.