MicroActivist Expedition Film Series

In order to protect the ocean...kids need to fall in love with it and be willing to make the necessary, often uncomfortable changes that must be made to save it.  It is our dream to create a modern, hip kids’ series that embraces the adventure, sense of exploration and sheer wonder that the underwater world possesses.  Today’s youth need to be reached in ways that are familiar to them and that they find hip, inspiring and cool.  Documentaries are great (our founder, 11-year-old Connor, can't get enough of them) but kids today need films with a main character they can relate to.  Connor, the founder of MicroActivist, has a dream of bringing a series of episodes to the masses, and it is our hope we can fulfill this dream and create a new generation of ocean warriors.

"Connor the MicroActivist is like the next generation Jacques Cousteau...with a message that needs to be heard!"

People protect what they love.
— Jacques Cousteau
I’m going to show kids an ocean they can’t help but fall in love with.
— Connor 11 - MicroActivist Founder