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Even the smallest of us has the potential to make a huge impact, protecting the world and creatures we love. Together, our power is limitless!

100% of your donation goes directly to helping the MicroActivist Team. We deeply appreciate your support!

– 2019 MicroActivist Team Wish list –

  • $1,500 Sponsor a team of MicroActivist kids to clean up Catalina Harbor (backside of Two Harbors)...a team could get it cleaned in a weekend!! - Done..cleanup accomplished!!

  • $1,100 Sponsor an entire beach cleanup! We have more kids eager to volunteer than we have resources to do beach cleanups. Your help in funding these cleanups makes a huge difference!

  • $2,500 Help us publish our illustrated children's book on the dangers of releasing balloons.

  • $3,000 Sponsor the MicroActivist team to visit Florida where we have open invitations to help with shark tagging and research and coral restoration work. We will create a short film and develop free curriculum designed to be fun and inspire kids!

  • $8,000 Sponsor the MicroActivist team to film the challenges of sharks in Cocos Islands and develop a free curriculum to teach kids in a fun and interactive way!

If you wish to donate by mail, please send a check to the address below: 

MicroActivist Foundation
310 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd #107-465
San Marcos, CA, 92078


amazon program

You can also give by selecting MicroActivist as your preferred Amazon Smile charity!